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Strategic partnership announced

Kreussler and S.T.D. build synergies in the treatment of varicose veins


PARIS, DECEMBER 14, 2023 | Kreussler Pharma – Chemische Fabrik Kreussler & Co. GmbH and S.T.D. Pharmaceutical Products Ltd. announced their collaboration on the worldwide production, marketing, and distribution of Fibrovein during Kreussler’s sponsored symposium at the 81st annual congress of the French Society of Phlebology.

“S.T.D. has been looking for a strategic partner for some time to gain synergies in the production and global marketing of Fibrovein. After Brexit, we decided to move the manufacture of Fibrovein to the EU and are now happy to partner with Kreussler, another family-owned business that we have long been acquainted with and that shares our values and vision to promote sclerotherapy,” said Bruce Gardiner, Director of S.T.D.

“As the owners of Aethoxysklerol and globally recognized experts in sclerotherapy, this collaboration is a unique opportunity for Kreussler to strengthen and further develop the position of sclerotherapy against alternative treatment options for varices. We are delighted to be now able to provide our customers with the world’s top 2 most important sclerosing agents. With our expert knowledge, infrastructure, and international network, Kreussler has the maximum ability to gain on production and marketing synergies for both, Aethoxysklerol and Fibrovein,” said Dr. Stephan Travers, Co-Owner and Director of Kreussler.

Sclerotherapy, being a highly efficacious, FDA-approved outpatient treatment for varicose veins, has a very good safety profile, while requiring no anaesthesia and being the most cost-effective method. To achieve the highest level of treatment skills, Kreussler has founded the Kreussler International School of Sclerotherapy (K.I.S.S.) offering a platform for training of aspiring sclerotherapists teaching the international standards of diagnostics and injection technique. The collaboration enables Kreussler to now integrate Fibrovein into the training program.





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18.09.2020 - Successful conference start for Kreussler after lockdown


For the first time since the introduction of the Coronavirus-restrictions in March 2020, Kreussler Pharma was able to take part in a conference again. From 2-5 September, the 62nd Annual Conference of the German Society of Phlebology in Leipzig was one of the first medical conferences to be allowed to take place on site since the lockdown. Despite the strict hygiene regulations including mandatory face covering, some 700 participants met in excellent conditions for the important personal exchange with opinion leaders and experts — an opportunity welcomed by Kreussler managing director Dr. Stephan Travers: “It really feels great to be back on a conference site and to finally talk to everyone face to face”, he described the good atmosphere in an interview with the conference organiser (

Thanks to conference chair Dr. Tobias Hirsch, the conference also had an international orientation for the first time, which was particularly evident in the joint session on sclerotherapy by the French and German societies of phlebology. Due to travel restrictions, certain international speakers, e.g. from the US or France had to join online instead of in person, which, thanks to modern technology, did not reduce the quality of the discussions after the speeches. In addition, about 200 enthusiasts from 24 countries joined the mostly fully booked speeches and workshops via livestream. Despite — or possibly even because of — the strict, but well conceived health protection measures, the conference was an all-round success for Kreussler.





11.09.2020 - Kreussler Portrait to Kick off New Film Series by HessenChemie: Focus on Family Firms

For several years, HessenChemie, the county Hesse’s employers’ association for chemistry and related industries, has created film presentations about important companies in Hesse in cooperation with RheinMain-TV, Germany’s regional station with the highest coverage. Kreussler features in the first part of their new film series about family firms.

With a focus on Dr. Detlev and Dr. Stephan Travers as 3rd and 4th generation members of the founding family, the film outlines the history of the family and the company, as well as plans for the future for future generations. It also highlights the connection between family tradition and company culture and values, such as openness, integrity, trust, continuous innovation and a very close relationship with the employees. The film can be viewed on YouTube.

Additional footage shows an inter-generational dialogue between father and son, which explores the productive interconnection between the company and the founding family in more detail. This conversation is also available on YouTube.