Jobs + Career

Long-term success can only be achieved with highly motivated and qualified employees, who share our corporate identity. Employees who apply themselves to achieve their goals. Become part of this team! Of a company that has been combining career and family for the past 100 years. Become part of a community that supports innovative solutions to part-time work and provides additional retirement provisions, as well as flexibility in terms of your place of work. This is a company in which the age-sensitive labour and personnel policy plays a key role, as does the increasingly important combination of career and care. More than 50% of our employees are with us for over 10 years.

Kreussler is a multi award-winning employer (including awards from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Wiesbaden and the Hertie Foundation (Hertie-Stiftung)) Our employees' overall approach and personal commitment are what matters to us, rather than age, gender or origin. Already for a long time there are women in leading positions at Kreussler. We also lay importance on apprenticeship, as well as continuous professional and vocational training. Together, we can enjoy continued expertise and success in our markets.