What sets Kreussler apart

We operate in two different divisions.

The long-standing existence of Kreussler Pharma and Kreussler Textile Chemistry ensures our autonomy and allows us to see the bigger picture.

We are a medium-sized independent company, not part of a larger group

Kreussler is not another anonymous company that answers to the short-term mind-set of the outside world. The future of Kreussler is shaped by people with long-term, sustainable vision.

We are a family company, in every sense of the word.

Kreussler is already in the fourth generation of family owners. This is testimony to the long-term, direct commitment of the owners and provides our employees, customers and business partners with security. Employees of the Kreussler family business are an extremely important asset. For the past 100 years, uniting career and family throughout all stages of life has been a firm corporate objective, which is why we work together to develop innovative part-time work models. It is often the case that several members of the same family work together in the company - often spanning generations.

We are global players.

Kreussler has been globally-minded for several generations and is a confident global player. The majority of our turnover is generated from international operations. Our employees also include people from a wide range of different countries.

We are innovative and professional.

We are constantly seeking consumer-oriented, innovative solutions. Our commitment and expertise continually bring us forwards with future-oriented developments. To this effect, the Pharma and Textile Chemistry divisions benefit from cooperation with universities and institutes, and remain in close contact with the users of our products, in order to remain aware of their exact needs.

We are bound to our values: trustworthiness, reliability, integrity, fairness and long-term vision.

As a medium-sized family-owned company, we assume responsibility for our employees, customers, suppliers and business partners, as well as the society and environment in which we live.