Our values

Trustworthiness, reliability, integrity, fairness and long-term vision These are the values that are written in stone, and upon which Kreussler has been built over the generations. These values are an integral part of our everyday operations, both inside and outside our company, in our relationships with partners and stakeholders.

  • Business partners: We always strive to be a fair partner - for our customers, our suppliers and our corporate banks. Not least of all because we enjoy long-standing relationships with our business partners.

  • Employees: Employees are our most important resource, which is why we think long-term and work together to find solutions - even outside the box - to cater for the needs of our employees throughout the years. This not only includes all kinds of part-time work, but also professional apprenticeships, as well as vocational and continuous training.

  • Environment: We take the protection of our environment and resources very seriously. Kreussler is ISO 14001 certified, and member of the Wiesbaden ECOPROFIT initiative and the Responsible Care programme of the VCI (German chemical industry association). Our detergents have long been free from zeolites and phosphates. Kreussler has also been responsible for developing environmentally-friendly, award-winning innovations such as the wet cleaning MieleSystemKreussler and SystemK4.

  • Social Responsibility: Social responsibility is part of the social market economy and is part of our raison d'être. Kreussler is a socially and culturally-committed company - more than just on a local level. Our employees' keen participation in trade associations, chambers and technical institutes is testimony to our belief in the need to give as well as take, by playing an active role in society.